Dixie Maxwell is a singer/songwriter from San Diego, CA. She is accessible yet intriguing, as she inspires all to search for the deeper meaning, and leads listeners by example through her genuinely personal and creative songwriting.  Driven by her desire to create art that's an uncompromisingly honest form of self-expression, she boldly embodies the archetypal dreamer seeking to share her special gift with others.  Dixie spent her early years surrounded by a musical family, in which the love for music was also naturally planted in her heart. She taught herself guitar at age 15, and poems she wrote at a young age evolved into songs. In May 2013, she released her first EP of 5 songs which can be found on iTunes. A saught after songwriter, Dixie has co-written on other artist's EPs, one which made it into the top 3 albums under the singer/songwriter category in iTunes. She also co-wrote the rock song, "Monster," performed by Catrien Maxwell, which became the title track to Lionsgate thriller movie, "Killer Holiday." In 2018, she was featured on a song that placed #1 on the iTunes Australia charts. After touring there in summer of 2019, she is now recording a handful of new songs to be released early 2020.